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Aso Rural Cycling & Farming Tour
Aso Rural Cycling & Farming Tour – Explore a Land Shaped by Human Hands
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  • Enjoy as the beautiful scenery of Minamioguni changes before your eyes
  • Feel the freedom and fun that bicycle-tourism allows
  • Experience the wonder of harvesting vegetables and preparing them for lunch
  • Meet and enjoy meaningful interaction with local farmers
  • Learn about the life-style and traditions that have shaped the culture of Mt. Aso and Minamioguni


  • Aso Rural Cycling & Farming Tour

    Minamioguni is a small town located in the north part of the area surrounding the active volcano Mt. Aso. An area recognized by international organizations such as the World Agriculture Heritage Foundation and UNESCO’s Geopark. In this area, especially in Minamioguni, a culture of combining agriculture with forestry and husbandry has been nurtured for many generations and given birth to a unique and beautiful landscape. This scenery is not only breathtaking but also proof of a deep culture and history of efforts.

  • Aso Rural Cycling & Farming Tour

    This tour will start with a short taxi ride from the pickup point but after that, our main transportation will be bicycles. First, we gear up at a bicycle shop near San Ai Resthouse. If you are worried about your physical abilities we can even provide you with an electric bicycle. But most of the ride is downhill so you should be fine either way! First, we will head out towards the wide-open Senomoto highlands with a superb view of the Aso Gogaku (The five peaks of Aso) and if we are lucky we might see some Akaushi cows grazing leisurely in the fields.

  • Aso Rural Cycling & Farming Tour

    As we continue on, we will experience how the landscape changes before our eyes as we head downhill and enter into the distinctive cedar forests that are symbolic for the entire Oguni-area (Minamioguni and Oguni). As the forest starts to open up we will find our first stop to refill our stomachs, the atmospheric lodging known as Gonbe village. Gonbe village is run by a lovely elderly couple who also works full time as farmers. We will harvest vegetables, learn to prepare a classic Japanese recipe, and eat together in this idyllic environment.

  • Aso Rural Cycling & Farming Tour

    Leaving Gonbe village we will continue our downhill path through picturesque rice field landscapes and small pastoral villages. Thanks to the bicycle we can freely explore what captures your interest and there are many sweet spots along our path. Right around 16:00 we will be back in time for the last bus and the tour will conclude at the bus stop.


  • 09: 30 Meet-up at Kurokawa Onsen Information Center
  • ↓Taxi 〜 10 min
  • 09:50 Aso Kuju cycling rental shop
  • ↓Bicycle
  • Spot 1. Grass fields of Se no Moto Highlands
  • Spot 2. Japanese cedar forests
  • Spot 3. Rice paddies and farm villages
  • 11:20 Gonbe Village, farming experience and lunch
  • 14:00 Heading out from Gonbe Village
  • ↓Bicycle
  • Spot 1. Mangan-ji area, The origin of Minamioguni
  • Spot 2. Akababa area, The most beautiful villages in Japan
  • 16:00 Minamioguni City Hall bus station, End of tour


1 person: 27000 yen p.p
2 – 3 persons: 24000 yen p.p
4 – 5 persons: 22000 yen p.p

Tour includes

  • English/Japanese/ Swedish-speaking tour conductor
  • Lunch
  • Insurance
  • Local tax
  • Transportation costs during the tour
  • Environment preservation fee

Tour does NOT include

  • Transportation to and from Minamioguni