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Minamioguni Rural Forestry Tour
Minamioguni Rural Forestry Tour – Encounter a World of Oguni Cedar
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  • Experience the serene beauty of well-kept Japanese Cedar forests
  • Feel the impact of felling a tree together with a true lumberjack
  • Try out delicious locally sourced food
  • Enjoy different types of workshops utilizing Japanese Cedar
  • Get a look into the pros and cons of Japanese Cedar and learn of its complicated history


  • Minamioguni Rural Forestry Tour

    Japan is often thought of as a country representing the latest in electronics and technology. To the surprise of many, Japan is also a country deeply intertwined with nature and calling it a land of forest and mountains wouldn’t be an exaggeration. This tour starts off at the information center at Kurokawa Onsen. From here we head towards the serene forest Seiryu-no-mori where we will do a light hike together with a local lumberjack into an unattended and often unseen cedar forest.

  • Minamioguni Rural Forestry Tour

    In the forest our local guide will teach us about the significance of tending to the woods, teach us the techniques necessary to fell a tree and we will also use the timber to make simple log-constructs in the woods. After we have finished we will jump into our cab and head towards another Cedar forest. But this time we will meet up with a young active farmer/lumberjack who will show us his well-tended forest to help us truly feel the importance of maintaining a mountain.

  • Minamioguni Rural Forestry Tour

    After an active morning exploring the forests of Minamioguni it’s time to refill our stomachs. And no better place to do this than at a local farmers house where we can enjoy regional cuisine using the best locally sourced ingredients and some heartwarming Japanese hospitality. And if time allows for it, we can take a slight detour and stop by the oldest cedar in Minamioguni. A giant beast that is over 1200 years old and just happens to be located a 10 – 15 min walk from our hosts.

  • Minamioguni Rural Forestry Tour

    Our final destination will be Anai Lumbermill. Here we will get a guided tour of the lumbermill to learn more about the properties of the local cedar as well as get an insight into the process after felling a tree. As we pass through the lumbermill we will keep walking past rice fields until we arrive at their small workshop. Here we will learn of and try out their innovative way of using cedar to create aroma candles. At last, around 4 p.m. the taxi will take us to the bus stop (for Kumamoto/Fukuoka) where our tour will conclude.


  • 09: 30 Meet-up at Kurokawa Onsen Information Center
  • ↓Taxi 〜 10 min
  • 09:50 – 11:30 Seiryu Forest lumbering experience
  • ↓Taxi 〜 20 min
  • 11:50 – 12:10 Akababa Forest, Walk in a beautiful well-kept Cedar forest
  • ↓Taxi 〜 10 min
  • 12:30 – 13:30 Lunch at a local farmers house
  • ↓Taxi 〜 5 min
  • 13:50 – 14:50 Anai Lumbermill (Guide of the lumbermill and workshop)
  • ↓Taxi 〜 5 min
  • 16:00 Minamioguni City Hall bus station


1 person: 34000 yen p.p
2 – 3 persons: 27000yen p.p
4 persons: 24000yen p.p

Tour includes

  • English/Japanese/ Swedish-speaking tour conductor
  • Lunch
  • Insurance
  • Local tax
  • Transportation costs during the tour
  • Environment preservation fee

Tour does NOT include

  • Transportation to and from Minamioguni